Thursday, February 9, 2012

What My Insurance Company Thinks of Me

I happened to call my health insurance company the other day. Right now I have COBRA coverage and I was checking about converting to a regular policy in June of this year.
After asking my questions and just before I was going to hang up, I asked the customer service rep to verify that the date my current insurance would end is June. Boy, was I surprised when she said, "Actually, your coverage has already been terminated".
Oh yeah folks, she said terminated and she said that it was right now. After a long, but at the same time instantaneous, inner dialogue that including a lot of shouting and cursing, I politely asked for an explanation.
And she, oh so politely, explained that my insurance company, had recently changed the way they received electronic transfers and many people had been "dropped" by accident. Odd, don't you think that I being someone who spends a lot on health care should be among the dropped ones? And then to just cancel me rather then try to notify me that they were not taking my money anymore. How efficient they are.
She was nice enough to say I would be reinstated without penalty once they got my money. But they would not accept it right away. No, I couldn't just use a credit card or do a new electronic transfer. I had to send it by ordinary mail. Which means it will take days. Weeks actually, before the 'system' will accept me once again into the fold.
Nice huh? I had to cancel the CAT scan planned for the next day on my lungs. No time to worry about cancer, got to work on this problem right now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blog on this rare cancer. I begin treatment for this very same thing in 2 weeks. NOT looking forward to this. Two different docs thought it was just a "roid.". I'm hoping to have a fraction of the humor you expressed throughout the process. Am hoping everything goes well with your insurance and that your catscan goes well.

My very best wishes to you

xxxxxxxxxxx said...

I love your blog! I read every post this morning. It's so great to see that you maintained your sense of humor through your treatment. I am sure it is an enormous help.

I start treatment on April 16.

Stay well!

Keith Andrew said...
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Keith Andrew said...

I hope that you are doing well now, Iffy! I’m sad to hear about your insurance company. And it’s hard to deal with such problems when you are worrying about your condition. My advice is to seek help and talk to your insurance company to clear the air. If they will not heed your call, then it is high time to seek another insurance company.

Keith Andrew

Elnora Cowger said...

HI Iffy! It’s almost been a year after this post, so how are you now? It’s kinda bothering to know that you’re being dropped by your insurance company, but I guess it was just a mistake since they changed the way they received electronic transfers. I hope the problem is already solved now and I hope you’re already feeling well.

[ Elnora Cowger ]

Fe Penley said...

After reading posts related to insurance, I feel kinda sad that every article I’ve read have complaints about the insurance providers -- which is kinda frustrating! Isn't there a single insurance company that thinks about their consumers? Although, some people think that once they are insured, that they are entitled to every coverage and claim there is. Unfortunately, that's wrong. There are different types of insurance policies that have their own rules. Therefore, before acquiring any service, we should be sure that it's suitable for our needs. said...

How unfortunate. Hopefully you're feeling better now and you were able to get the issue resolved once and for all.

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